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About Our School Shows

"Children's Theatre by Qualified Teachers"

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Book week shows $9.50 per student (minimum $950)

Other shows $8.80 per student (minimum $880)

"I’ve had many observations of children’s performances over the years, but none have come close to yours... energetic, professional and extremely humourous"   Merriwa Central School, NSW  
  • We are a national touring theatre company owned and operated by qualified teachers, with the industry's finest performers on stage.
  • We perform Theatre in Education stage shows at schools, libraries, festivals and public events across Australia & abroad - VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, ACT & TAS!
  • All our original shows are fully staged musicals with a cast of two experienced industry professionals each performing multiple roles
  • Our top quality music is written by Tony Appleby B.Ed with Tim Smith Dip.Ed (children's Musical Director for "Lion King", "Billy Elliot", etc) & Luke Hunter Dip.Ed (Musical Director for "Rocky Horror", "Jersey Boys", etc).
"A perfect balance of narrative, humour, music and dance"  St Francis Xavier Primary School, Frankston, VIC


Our shows are performed with:

  • Audience interaction (dance class where the kids all stand up & join in, game show, special helpers, etc);
  • Puppetry;
  • Original song & dance numbers of varying music styles;
  • Varying drama genre throughout the show - Narrative, Music Theatre, Pantomime, Puppetry, Slow Motion Scene, Dance class, Game Show, etc.
  • Masks, costume characters, props;
  • Full question time at the end where all aspects of the show's creation are shown to the students with an emphasis on how they could do it themselves.
  • Full sound system (recommended for up to 400 students per session);
  • Stage lighting;
  • Free standing back drop & set

All we need from you is a space and an audience!

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"Costumes and puppets were great.  Very funny for all ages, even teachers!  Very professional" Barnsley Public School, NSW


We are committed to presenting both entertaining and memorable shows, but also to working closely with the curricula of all Australian schools.

We have practical experience of teaching every year level from levels Prep/Kinder through to Year 12. Therefore every show we produce is sure to relate to each student on both an educational and entertaining level.

TBE use a variety of different dramatic genre within each show to explore themes and ideas in a new and engaging way.

We cast the finest childrens' entertainers, actors & music theatre performers in the country who bring with them a world of experience.

All our shows are adaptable to a broad range of ages to ensure every student in your school can benefit from the TBE experience.

With follow up activities for each year level provided in worksheets and lesson plans for teachers, we ensure every student's individual learning style is completely catered to in each show.


"Absolutely Fabulous!  ...To have year 5 boys stop me in the playground ...wanting to know if Tony Bones is coming next year with looks of great anticipation and remarks of "That was awesome!" says it all!!" Nulkaba Public School, NSW


Where it all began ...

Tony Appleby created the company in 1998. Since then "TBE" has been growing from strength to strength.

We began with an extremely popular series of shows designed to showcase short listed books from The Children's Book Council of Australia 'Book Of The Year Awards' during Book Week & throughout Term 3. Our aim was not to come to schools as a traditional 'story-teller', but in fact to turn each year's most performance friendly short-listed books into full-length plays. As a result, students can discover the books in an entirely different way.

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" have handled the bullying situation very professionally... (children being bullied at school are now) armed with knowledge of what to do...Superb singing, clever acting - a truly wonderful theatrical performance...The costumes were really fantastic and memorable to all children... it was spectacular!"

St Peter Apostle Hoppers Crossing, VIC



School Shows 2015 Season


   AVAILABLE: TERM 1 & 2, 2015

Anti Bullying Show - Bully Bull Ring

"Bully Bull-Ring" Anti Bullying Musical

Original script by Tony Appleby, Music by Tony Appleby, Tim Smith & Luke Hunter

Primary (Prep/Kinder - Grade 6).    Duration 55 minutes + Q&A

***SHOW DETAILS***   /   ***BOOKING FORM***   

Maths and Science School Show

"Adventurescope" Maths Science Adventure Movie Show

Original script by Tony Appleby, Music by Tony Appleby, Tim Smith & Luke Hunter

Primary (Prep/Kinder - Grade 6).    Duration 55 minutes + Q&A

***SHOW DETAILS***   /   ***BOOKING FORM*** 

Fractured Fairytales - Good Things Come In Threes

"Good Things Come In Threes" Fractured Fairytale Puppetry Show

Original script by Tony Appleby, Music by Tony Appleby, Tim Smith & Luke Hunter

Primary (Prep/Kinder - Grade 6).        Duration 55 minutes + Q&A



   AVAILABLE: TERM 3, 2015

The Children's Book Council of Australia Short Listed 2015 "Picture Book of the Year"
The Stone Lion by Margaret Wild & Ritva

adapted for the stage.....

Adapted & Directed by Carl & Amanda Whiteside, Music by Carl & Amanda Whiteside, Tim Smith & Luke Hunter

Primary (Prep/Kinder - Grade 6).      Duration 40 minutes + Q&A


The Children's Book Council of Australia Short Listed 2015 "Younger Reader's Book of the Year"

The Simple Things by Bill Condon

adapted for the stage.....

Adapted & Directed by Carl & Amanda Whiteside, Music by Carl & Amanda Whiteside, Tim Smith & Luke Hunter

Primary (Grade 4 - 6) & Secondary (Year 7 - 8).      Duration 50 minutes + Q&A



Rudolph's Recruits Australian Christmas Musical Touring Show"Rudolph's Recruits" Aussie Christmas Musical Extravaganza


Original script by Tony Appleby, Music by Tony Appleby & Tim Smith

Primary (Prep/Kinder - Grade 6).    Duration 50 minutes + Q&A



Anti Bullying Show - Bully Bull Ring

"Bully Bull-Ring" Anti Bullying Musical

Original script by Tony Appleby, Music by Tony Appleby, Tim Smith & Luke Hunter

Primary (Prep/Kinder - Grade 6).    Duration 55 minutes + Q&A

***SHOW DETAILS***   /   ***BOOKING FORM***   

Maths and Science School Show

"Adventurescope" Maths Science Adventure Movie Show

Original script by Tony Appleby, Carl & Amanda Whiteside, Music by Tony Appleby, Tim Smith & Luke Hunter

Primary (Prep/Kinder - Grade 6).    Duration 55 minutes + Q&A

***SHOW DETAILS***   /   ***BOOKING FORM*** 

Fractured Fairytales - Good Things Come In Threes

"Good Things Come In Threes" Fractured Fairytale Puppetry Show

Original script by Tony Appleby, Music by Tony Appleby, Tim Smith & Luke Hunter

Primary (Prep/Kinder - Grade 6).        Duration 55 minutes + Q&A




2015 National Season Dates

TERM 1,2015


February 16th - February 20th

1 Week

"Bully Bull-Ring" Anti-Bullying Musical &

"Adventurescope" Maths Science Show &

"Good Things Come In Threes" Fractured Fairytales

February 23rd - February 27th
1 Week
March 2nd - March 13th
2 Weeks
March 16th - March 20th
1 Week


TERM 2, 2015


April 27th - May 1st

1 Week

"Bully Bull-Ring" Anti-Bullying Musical &

"Adventurescope" Maths Science Show &

"Good Things Come In Threes" Fractured Fairytales

May 4th - May 8th
1 Week
May 18th - May 22nd
1 Week
May 25th - May 29th
1 Week


TERM 3, 2015


July 13th - July 24th

2 Weeks

We have two casts touring in Term 3

"Picture Book Show" and

"Younger Reader's Show"

To be announced April 2015

Central NSW

July 13th - July 24th

2 Weeks


July 27th - July 31st

1 Week


July 27th - July 31st

1 Week

Central Coast

August 3rd - August 7th

1 Week


August 3rd - August 7th

1 Week


August 10th - September 11th

5 Weeks


Aug 10th - August 14th

1 Weeks


August 17th - August 28th

2 Weeks

August 31st - September 11th
2 Weeks


TERM 4, 2015


November 16th - November 20th

1 Week

"Rudolph's Recruits" Aussie Christmas Extravaganza,

"Good Things Come In Threes" Fractured Fairytales,

"Bully Bull Ring" Anti Bullying Show,

"Adventurescope" Maths and Science Show

November 23rd - November 27th
1 Week


November 30th - December 4th

1 Week


December 7th - December 16th

1.5 Week

December 17th - December 18th
2 Days

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Tony Bones Entertainment have performed at all of these excellent schools and libraries... Why not yours?????

Abbotsford Primary, VIC

Abbotsleigh Junior School, Wahroonga, NSW

Aitken College, VIC

Albanvale Primary, VIC

Albert Park Library, VIC

Albion North Primary, VIC

Albury Primary, NSW

Alexandra Library, VIC

Alexandra Primary, VIC

All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac, QLD

All Saints Grammar, Broulee, NSW

Altona Library, VIC

Amsleigh Park Primary, Oakleigh East, VIC

Annunciation Primary, Brooklyn, VIC

Aquinas College, VIC

Araluen Primary, Sale, VIC

Ararat Performing Arts Centre, VIC

Ardrossan Area School, SA

Ariah Park Central School, NSW

Arkana College, Kingsgrove, NSW

Ascot Vale Special School, VIC

Aspendale Gardens Primary, VIC

Auburn Primary, SA

Baimbridge College, VIC

Bannockburn Primary, VIC

Barnawartha Primary, VIC

Barnsley Primary, VIC

Barraba Central School, NSW

Baxter Primary, VIC

Beaconhills College, Berwick, VIC

Beaconsfield Upper Primary, VIC

Bendigo North Primary, VIC

Bentleigh West Primary, VIC

Berengarra School, VIC

Berwick Lodge Primary, VIC

Berwick Primary, VIC

Billanook Primary, VIC

Birchip School, VIC

Birmingham Primary, Lilydale, VIC

Birregurra School, VIC

Blackburn Pre School, VIC

Black Rock Primary, VIC

Blacktown Library, NSW

Blighty Public School, NSW

Boronia Library, VIC

Boronia West Primary, VIC

Box Hill Library, VIC

Brentwood Park Primary, VIC

Brighton Library, VIC

Bright P-12 College, VIC

Brooklyn Primary School, Burnie, TAS

Brunswick East Primary, VIC

Brunswick Kinder, VIC

Brunswick North West Primary, VIC

Brunswick South West Primary, VIC

Bullengarook Primary, VIC

Bungendore Public School, NSW

Buln Buln Primary, VIC

Cambridge Primary, TAS

Campbellfield Heights Primary, VIC

Campelltown Primary, NSW

Canberra Grammar School, ACT

Cann River Primary, VIC

Carnegie Library, VIC

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, VIC

Caroline Chisholm School, ACT

Castle Hill Primary, NSW

Caulfield Grammar, Malvern Campus, VIC

Caulfield Grammar, Wheelers Hill Campus, VIC

Chelsea Primary, VIC

Cheltenham Primary, VIC

Children's Book Council of Australia, VIC

Chiltern Primary, VIC

Christian College, Highton, VIC

Clarence Valley Anglican School, NSW

Clarinda Library, VIC

Clayton Library, VIC

Clayton North Primary, VIC

Clifton Hill Primary, VIC

Clyde Primary, VIC

Coatesville Primary, Bentleigh East, VIC

Cobden Primary, VIC

Colac South West Primary, VIC

Columba Catholic Primary, Bunyip, VIC

Coimadai Primary, VIC

Corio Library, VIC

Corio West Primary, VIC

Corpus Christi Primary, Cranebrook, NSW

Cowell Area School, SA

Craig Family Centre, VIC

Craigieburn Primary, VIC

Cranbourne Christian College, VIC

Cranbourne South Primary, VIC

Cranbourne West Primary, VIC

Croydon Library, VIC

Croydon North Primary, VIC

Croydon Secondary, VIC

Deer Park North Primary, VIC

Devon Meadows Primary, VIC

Dobroyd Point PS, Haberfield, NSW

Doncaster Gardens Primary, VIC

Donvale Primary, VIC

Dookie Primary, VIC

Dromana Primary, VIC

Drummond Memorial PS, NSW

Duffy Primary School, ACT

East Maitland Library, NSW

East Maitland Public School, NSW

East Ulverstone Primary, TAS

Eastern Regional Libraries, VIC

Eastwood Primary, VIC

Elsternwick Primary, VIC

Eltham North Primary, VIC

Eltham Primary, VIC

Emerson School, VIC

Endeavor Hills Library, VIC

Epping North Pre School, VIC

Epsom Primary, VIC

Eumemmering Secondary - Gleneagles Campus, VIC

Exeter Public School, NSW

Fairfield Primary, VIC

Ferntree Gully Library, VIC

Fitzroy Library, VIC

Flemington Primary, VIC

Flinders College Library, VIC

Flinders Christian Community College, Tyabb, VIC

Footscray Library, VIC

Footscray North Primary, VIC

Forest Lake State School, QLD

Forster Library, NSW

Forth Primary, TAS

Frankston Library, VIC

Geelong Baptist College, VIC

Geelong Grammar, VIC

Geelong Regional Libraries, VIC

Glen Eira Council, VIC

Glen Eira Secondary, VIC

Glen Katherine Primary, VIC

Glenroy Specialist School, VIC

Good Samaritan Primary School, Roxburgh Park, VIC

Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary, Croydon, VIC

Good Shepherd Primary, Amaroo, ACT

Goolgowi Public School, NSW

Gorokan Primary, NSW

Granville Public School, NSW

Grasmere Primary, VIC

Gray St Primary, Hamilton, VIC

Grays Point Public School, NSW

Greater Taree Libraries, NSW

Greenacre Primary, NSW

Green Valley Public School, NSW

Gymea North Public School, NSW

Haig St Primary, VIC

Haileybury College, VIC

Hallam Primary, VIC

Hartwell Primary, Camberwell, VIC

Hamilton Primary, VIC

Hampton Park Secondary, VIC

Hartwell Primary, VIC

Hawkesbury Independant, NSW

Hazelwood School, TAS

Heathdale Christian College, VIC

Heany Park Primary, VIC

Heritage Pre-School, VIC

Herne Hill PS, VIC

Hesket Primary, VIC

Highfields Preparatory and Kindergarten School, Lindfield, NSW

Highgate Junior Primary, SA

Hillingdon Preparatory School, Harris Park, NSW

Hobsons Bay Libraries, VIC

Hoddles Creek Primary, VIC

Holy Eucharist Primary - Malvern East, VIC

Holy Eucharist Primary - St Albans Sth, VIC

Holy Family Primary, NSW

Holy Name Primary Reservoir, VIC

Holy Trinity Primary, Eltham, VIC

Hughesdale Primary, VIC

Hunters Hill Public, VIC

Ilim College, Dallas, VIC

Inverloch Primary, VIC

Iona Public School, Woodville, NSW

Italian Bilingual School, Leichardt, NSW

Ivanhoe Grammar School, VIC

Ivanhoe Girl's Grammar, VIC

Isik College, VIC

James Cook Primary School, Endeavour Hills, VIC

James Erskine Public School, NSW

Jells Park Primary, VIC

John the Baptist Primary, NSW

Kadinia Primary, SA

Kalinda Primary, VIC

Kallista Primary, VIC

Kardinia International College, Bell Post Hill, VIC

Kendall Primary, NSW

Kenthurst Public, VIC

Kentlyn Primary, NSW

Kerang Christian School, VIC

Kew Primary, VIC

Kingsville Primary, VIC

Kilbreda College, VIC

Killara Public School, NSW

Kilmore Library, VIC

Kinglake Library, VIC

Kingswood College, VIC

Knox Community Arts Centre, VIC

Korowa Girls Grammar, VIC

Kotara South Public School, NSW

Kurunjang Primary, VIC

Kyabram Primary, VIC

Lake Cargelligo Central School, NSW

Launceston Church Grammar, TAS

Leibler Yavneh College, Elsternwick, VIC

Leighland Christian School Burnie Campus, Wivenhoe, TAS

Leopold Primary, VIC

Le Page Primary, Cheltenham, VIC

Lightning Ridge Central School, NSW

Lismore South PS NSW

Loftus Primary, NSW

Loretto Mandeville Hall, VIC

MacArthur Adventist College, Macquarie Fields NSW

Mackellar Primary, Delahey, VIC

Malek Fahd Islamic School, Greenacre, NSW

Malmsbury PS, VIC

Manly West Primary, NSW

Manning Gardens Primary, NSW

Mannum Community College, SA

Manorvale Primary, VIC

Mansfield Cinema, VIC

Maple St Primary School, VIC

Maranatha Christian College, Doveton Campus, VIC

Maranatha Christian College, Endeavour Hills Campus VIC

Maranatha Christian College, Officer Campus Campus, VIC

Maribyrnong Secondary, VIC

Marrickville Primary, NSW

Masada College, Lindfield, NSW

Mater Dei Catholic Primary School, Wagga Wagga, NSW

McCubbin Primary, VIC

McKinnon Primary, VIC

Meadow Glen Primary, VIC

Melbourne Museum, VIC

Melbourne & Olympic Parks, VIC

Melrose Park Public School, NSW

Melton Primary School, VIC

Mentone Boy's Grammar, VIC

Mentone Girl's Grammar, VIC

Merriwa Central School, VIC

Methodist Ladies College Junior School, Kew

Milgate Primary, VIC

Millicent North Primary, SA

Millwarra Primary, VIC

Mitchell Shire Council

Monash Library, VIC

Monbulk Primary, VIC

Montrose Library, VIC

Montrose Library, VIC

Montrose Primary, VIC

Mooroopna Primary, VIC

Morang South Primary, VIC

Mornington Primary , VIC

Mortdale School, NSW

Mossgiel Park Primary School, Endeavour Hills, VIC

Moulamein Primary, NSW

Mountain View Adventist College, NSW

Mowbray College, VIC

Mt Eliza Primary, VIC

Mt Eliza Secondary, VIC

Mt Evelyn Library, VIC

Mt Dandenong Primary, VIC

Mt Martha Primary, VIC

Mt Pleasant Primary, VIC

Mt Pleasant Primary, SA

Mt Scopus College, Burwood, VIC

Mulyan Public School, NSW

Murrundindi Shire Council VIC

Nailsworth Primary, SA

Naranga School, Frankston, VIC

Narre Warren North Primary, VIC

Nazareth Primary, Grovedale, VIC

Newbery Park Primary, Millicent, SA

Newcastle Library, NSW

Newcombe Library, VIC

Newham Primary, VIC

Newhaven College, VIC

Newport Lakes Primary, VIC

Newmarket State School, QLD

Nhill P-12 College, VIC

Nichols Point Primary, VIC

Nicholson St Public School, East Balmain, NSW

Niddrie Primary, VIC

Normanhurst West Public School, NSW

Northern Support School, Newstead, TAS

North Rocks School, NSW

Nulkaba Primary, NSW

Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College, VIC

Omeo Primary, Victoria

Our Holy Redeemer, Surry Hills, VIC

Our Lady's Primary, Craigieburn, VIC

Our Lady of Loudes Primary, VIC

Our Lady of Peace, NSW

Our Lady Queen of Peace, Greystanes, NSW

Our Lady Star of the Sea, Ocean Grove, VIC

Overnewton College, Keilor, VIC

Overnewton Anglican Community College, Keilor, VIC

Overnewton Anglican Community College, Taylors Lakes, VIC

Oxley Island Public School, NSW

Pacific Palms Primary, NSW

Panton Hill Primary, VIC

Parkdale Primary, VIC

Parkes Shire Library, NSW

Patterson Lakes Primary, VIC

Penbank School, VIC

Peninsula Special School, VIC

Peterborough Primary, SA

Phoenix Park Library, VIC

Presbyterian Ladies College, VIC

Puckapunyal Primary, VIC

Pyalong Primary, VIC

Queen of Peace Parish Primary, Altona Meadows, VIC

Queen Victoria Market, VIC

Rathmines Public School, NSW

Redhill Consolidated School, VIC

Reid Flat School NSW

Revesby Sth Primary, NSW

Richmond Library, VIC

Richmond West Primary, VIC

Ringwood Heights Primary, VIC

Ringwood Library, VIC

Ripponlea Gardens, VIC

Riverside Primary School, TAS

Roberts McCubbin Primary, Box Hill, VIC

Rolling Hills Primary, Mooroolbark, VIC

Roseville College, NSW

Rosewood Downs Primary, VIC

Ross Park PS, Alice Springs, NT

Rowville Primary, VIC

Ruse Public School, NSW

Ruthven Primary, Reservoir, VIC

Sacre Coeur College, Primary Dept, Glen Iris, VIC

Sacred Heart, Mt Druit Sth, NSW

Sacred Heart College, Kyneton, VIC

Sacred Heart Girls, Oakleigh, VIC

Sacred Heart Primary, Croydon, VIC

Sacred Heart Primary Sandringham, VIC

Sandringham Primary, VIC

Sandringham Secondary - Beaumaris Campus, VIC

Sandringham Secondary - Highett Campus, VIC

San Remo Primary, VIC

Sassafras Pre-School, VIC

Sassafras Primary, VIC

Scotch College, VIC

Scotch College Junior School, VIC

Seaholme Primary, VIC

Simmonds Catholic College, VIC

Smith St Primary, VIC

Somersby PS, NSW

Somerstay Primary, NSW

Southern Cross Primary, VIC

Southside Montessori School, Riverwood, NSW

Springvale South Primary, VIC

Springvale West Primary, VIC

Springview Primary, VIC

St Aidan's Anglican Girls School, Corinda, QLD

St. Albans Secondary

St Albans East Primary, VIC

St Aloysius Catholic School, Cronulla, NSW

St Anne's Primary School, Sunbury, VIC

St. Anthony's, Alphington, VIC

St Anthony's Coptic College, VIC

St Anthony’s Primary School, Glen Huntly, VIC

St Anthony’s Primary, Edwardstown, SA

St Anthony's Primary, Frankston North, VIC

St Bedes College, VIC

St. Bernhard's Primary, VIC

St Brendans Primary, Sommerville, VIC

St Bridget's Primary, Moordialloc, VIC

St Brigid's Primary, Healesville, VIC

St Brigid’s Primary, Branxton, NSW

St Brigid’s Primary, Gisborne, VIC

St Carthage's PS, Lismore, NSW

St Catherine's Primary, Melton, VIC

St Catherine's School, Toorak, VIC

St Clement Of Rome Primary, VIC

St Columba Anglican School, Port MacQuarie, NSW

St Declan’s PS, Penshurst, NSW

St Fidelis Catholic Primary, Moreland, VIC

St Finbar's Primary, East Brighton, VIC

St Francis of Assisi, Mill Park, VIC

St Francis Xavier Montmorency, VIC

St Francis Xavier Primary, Frankston, VIC

St Gertrude’s Primary, NSW

St James Catholic School, Yamba, NSW

St Joachims Primary School, Carrum Downs, VIC

St John Fisher Catholic School, Tumbi Umbi, NSW

St John's Primary, Clifton Hill, VIC

St John's Regional College, VIC

St John's Lutheran School, Portland, VIC

St John Vianney's Primary, Mulgrave, VIC

St Joseph’s Primary, Laurieton, NSW

St Joseph's Primary, Wonthaggi, VIC

St Joseph's School, Benalla, VIC

St Josephs School, Queenstown, TAS

St Jude Primary Scoresby, VIC

St Jude The Apostle Primary, Langwarrin, VIC

St. Kilda Library, VIC

St Kilda Children’s Centre, VIC

St Leonard’s College, VIC

St Luke's Primary, Wantirna, VIC

St MacArten's Primary, Mornington, VIC

St Margaret's Primary, Maribyrnong, VIC

St Mary’s College, Seymour, VIC

St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College, Coolaroo, VIC

St Mary’s Primary, Cohuna, VIC

St Mary’s Primary, East St Kilda, VIC

St Mary’s Primary, Hastings, VIC

St Mary’s Primary, North Sydney, NSW

St Mary's Primary, Swan Hill, VIC

St Mary Magdellan Primary, Chadstone, VIC

St Michael's Grammar, VIC

St Michael’s Lutheran School, VIC

St Michael's Lutheran, Handorf, SA

St Michael's Primary, Berwick, VIC

St Michael's Primary, Heyfield, VIC

St Monica’s Primary, VIC

St Oliver's Primary, Harris Park, NSW

St Patrick's Public, Guildford, VIC

St Patrick's Primary, Mentone, VIC

St Patrick’s Primary, Parramatta, NSW

St Patrick’s Primary, Latrobe, TAS

St Paul's Primary, Monbulk, VIC

St Paul’s Primary, Moss Vale, NSW

St Peter Apostle School, Hoppers Crossing, VIC

St Peter’s Anglican College, Broulee, NSW

St Phillips Christian College, Port Stephens, NSW

St Pius X Primary, VIC

Strathaird Primary School, Narre Warren, VIC

St Robert’s Primary, VIC

St Scholastica's Primary, Burwood, VIC

St Therese Primary School, Colonel Light Gardens, SA

St Theresa's Primary, VIC

St Therese's Primary School, Mascot, NSW

St Thomas More Primary, VIC

Stella Maris Primary, Beaumaris, VIC

Sunshine North Primary, VIC

Syndal South Primary, VIC

Sydenham Hillside Primary, VIC

Swan Hill Primary, VIC

Tasman District School, TAS

Telegraph Point Public School, NSW

Templeton Primary, VIC

The Basin Primary, VIC

The Grange College, VIC

The King David School, Southwick Campus, VIC

The Kings Prep School, Parramatta, NSW

The Knox School, VIC

The Patch Primary, VIC

The Peninsula School, Mt Eliza, VIC

The Scotts Preparatory School, Bathurst, NSW

The Yarraville Club, VIC

Thomas Mitchell Primary, VIC

Thomastown Primary, VIC

Tintern Girl's School, VIC

Tomeroy Primary, NSW

Toolern Vale & District Primary, VIC

Toorak College, Mt Eliza, VIC

Toorak Library, VIC

Tootgarook Primary, VIC

Trinity Catholic Primary, Kemps Creek, NSW

Tylden Primary, VIC

Vacy Public School NSW

Viewbank Primary, VIC

Wakehurst Public School, NSW

Wallan Library, VIC

Wallsend District Library, NSW

Wangaratta Primary, VIC

Warnambool West Primary, VIC

Warranwood Primary, VIC

Watsonia Heights Primary, VIC

Watsonia Library, VIC

Wattle Park Primary, Burwood, VIC

Wattleview Primary, VIC

Waverly College, NSW

Werribee Secondary, VIC

Wesley College Junior, VIC

Westernport Christian School, VIC

Westmeadows Primary, VIC

Wheelers Hill Primary, VIC

Wheelers Hill Library, VIC

Whittlesea Secondary, VIC

Williamstown Library, VIC

Williamstown Primary, VIC

Winters Flat Primary, VIC

Wodonga West Primary, VIC

Wonga Park Primary, VIC

Woodburn Public School, NSW

Woodleigh School, Minimbah Junior Campus, Frankston, VIC

Woodport Primary, Erina, NSW

Woodridge Primary, QLD

Woori Yallock Primary, VIC

Yarra Rd Primary, VIC

Yarra Primary, VIC

Yarrawarrah Primary, NSW

Yea Library, VIC

Young North Primary, NSW


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